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About us

We are a company dedicated to the distribution of shelves and storage systems, always in search of the best solution to order and manage logistics warehouses, workshops, offices and shops.

Solenutro was born in xxxxx as a company of … since xxxx it has worked closely with Esnova. Our warehouses are located at C / Diseminado P166, 90, 46160 in Lliria (Valencia)

How we work

When you decide to install Solenutro shelves in your warehouse, you are acquiring much more than shelves, you are benefiting from a way of working aimed at full customer satisfaction. This work philosophy is based on the following premises:

1. Advice

We advise and guide you towards the best solution for your project. For us it is very simple but it may not be so simple for the client and you need very detailed explanations to know what you need, or on the contrary, you need to explain to us what type of cargo and what is the dynamics you need for your warehouse and then we we will recommend the best solution for you.

Our philosophy is very simple, knowing how to listen, explain clearly and have the flexibility to find the optimal solution for each project.

2. Large stock available

Time is a determining value in any company and in any sector. Sometimes a wait of a month or more to receive a material can be too much for the expectations and needs of a client.

Having a large stock allows us to be agile in production and delivery and meet the tightest deadlines.

3. Assembly

The final assembly of an industrial shelving system often requires specialized personnel or at least accustomed to this type of work. And depending on the size of the project, it can involve a good number of hours from several people.

Solenutro has specialized personnel for this type of task, in any case, if the client can and wishes to solve the assembly on their own, they can do so without any problem.

Upgrade your warehouse now
Contact us and tell us what you need. We will advise you on what may be the best solution for your case for free and without obligation.